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Presently, most of the people need a pocket computer which fits in their pocket. And if you buy Apple watch, then your dream will full fill. Think if you get a computer on your wrist! How do you feel? I know that feels great and it also offers you superior quality extra advantages. From the last few years, Apple Watch has proven that it can also come to feel indispensable. Now, if you are planning to buy an Apple watch, then you have to know about its all series and need to analyze which one will be best and why!

In this article, we will offer complete details about different Apple watch series and specifications!

Apple watch series 3

Apple watch series 3 contains some exclusive features which you will not get from other previous series. It includes GPS and optical heart sensor. Using this watch, you can able to do exercise easily. It also has Apple watch app inserted. It includes S3 with a dual-core processor.  It has some exclusive features like it is completely water-resistant even your sweat can’t enter inside the watch. It does not expose its metal part option.

It builds with an aluminum case. Apple 3 series does not include a sim facility. This watch is running with the latest software watch OS 6. It is upgraded and important as well.  This Apple 3 series launched in the market 2017. Apple 3 watch includes optional cellular connectivity. It includes S3 chip and more RAM as well. The model of the 42mm watch looks stylish and people will notice definitely in your wrist. This watch is thinner and smooth.  But the design of the watch is almost the same as the previous watch.

This apple S3 includes a dual-core processor and it also offers a more 70% faster service. In this series, you will be able to listen to anything from siri instantly. In this series, the entire processing will be more responsive.

Do you know Apple watch series 3 price in India? The price varied from one eCommerce site to another. But within July 2020, the price of this series is Rs.20,900 approx.

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