You are currently viewing Best Wireless Headphones under 3000 Rs – Top 5 Bluetooth headphones

Best Wireless Headphones under 3000 Rs – Top 5 Bluetooth headphones

Best Wireless Headphones under 3000 Rs. India Review

These days, you can come across the Best wireless headphones under 3000 Rs in India offered by the top global brands. With several models and brands easily available in the market, selecting the best one out of the lot can be really confusing. Each and every model tends to function differently ranging from their set up to sound quality. You need to undertake thorough research & go through the reviews of the top models. Getting to know each and every aspect associated with the Bluetooth phone & doing some comparison can help you to own the best one.

Going through this guide & product details will help you to enhance your existing knowledge on the Best wireless headphones under 3000 Rs. Try not to miss out even on the trivial aspects, which otherwise may have you to regret later. Bluetooth headphones have come a long way since its initial launch. Significant technological improvements have been made to it. Thus, it can be safely stated that wireless audio listening perhaps is the future.

It is quite obvious that once you to Get Wireless, there is no way you are getting back to using those wired headphones again.

1) Sony wh-ch510 review | Buy on amazon

Sony wh-ch510 review

This is an amazing wireless headphone from the reputed brand Sony. Buying one is sure to help you to benefit from advancements made in battery technology.  Sony wh-ch510 is easy to use, designed to last long & boasts of quality sound.

Sony wh-ch510 /Layout & Design

Its swiveling earcups allows you to pack it easily to travel compact. Its design battery is known to last for a long time. Two volume controls & power button with USB-C port is present at earcup base. It is jet black in color. Inbuilt microphone hole is also present at the base to make & tae calls without touching the phone.

Sony wh-ch510

Sony wh-ch510 /Performance

Microphone is tested both outdoors & indoors with no reports of quality loss. Bluetooth connection even from 30’ away remains stable from connected device. Range & quality attributed to Bluetooth version 5.0. It allows connecting two different headphones simultaneously to the phone & listen.

Sony wh-ch510 /Audio

Sony headphones do offer respectable sound quality. You can enjoy excellent audio at competitive rates. Although this model does not compete with Bose higher priced headphones, it does balance out battery life, comfort & provides quality for value.

Sony wh-ch510 /Battery

It has phenomenal battery life and allows play time of about 35 hours. It boasts of inbuilt quick charging, allowing you to plug the headphone for mere 10 minutes. Then you can enjoy additional play time of 90 minutes. From full charge waiting time is around 200 hours. You can actually pair it with a kindle and enjoy your travelling as both devices do last long, without needing power source.

Sony wh-ch510

Sony wh-ch510 /Other considerations

It measures 19.7 x 17.1 x 4.1 cm and weighs about 277 g. This headphone has been designed to be used by those who prefer to use it at all times, play music while travelling and have immense fun. They are completely reliable & comfortable to use. It comes with 1 year manufacturer warranty & 10 days replacement to allow peace of mind & satisfaction. Rechargeable battery is provided with the model.

Sony wh-ch510 /Downsides

It does not have much downside. However, one such concern noted is they do limit few use cases. These headphones for example come with no waterproof rating. This means, if you go out in rain or kayaking, then this is definitely not the pair to be out with.

Moreover, inbuilt noise cancelling is not present, although it offers superior audio quality. In case, the surrounding environment is very loud, then you are likely to hear it that can be disturbing at times. When using inbuilt microphone on the device while speaking, you are likely to hear some loud sounds emerging around you.

But its price is quite fair, although it has been provided with superior features.

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2) Best Wireless Headphones under 3000 Rs – Audio Technica ATH-S200BTGBL Wireless headphoneBuy on amazon

Audio Technica ATH-S200BTGBLFor quite some time, Audio Technica is considered to be a leader in the audio world. Audio Technica ATH-S200BTGBL Bluetooth wireless headphones are affordably priced and are stated to be the latest launch in the consumer headphone lineup. if you seek a good quality headphone without actually creating a  hole in your pocket, then this model is undoubtedly the best option.

Audio Technica ATH-S200BTGBL /Layout & Design

Audio Technica ATH-S200BTGBLThis Bluetooth headphone is designed to a budget. It is not provided with metal flourishes like the ones noticed in the expensive headphones introduced by this brand. They also do not feel solid like that of the expensive sets. But this model is definitely not flimsy. It is on-ear headphones and you can use them while walking around or travelling. You are likely to experience very less build related issues. While wearing, its plastics do not creak nor the buttons rattle when doing exercises. They are attractive. The geometric logo sits on its cups. It is matte black and low key. The cups are designed to twist to store them easily.

Audio Technica ATH-S200BTGBL /Performance

Audio Technica ATH-S200BTGBLWith Bluetooth 4.1, your headphone is connected to the listening device. This means, it offers listening range of about 33 feet or 10 meters. There is not experienced any jumps or skips, besides at unreasonable distances with several obstacles. Wireless reliability is fabulous. You are not likely to hear any interference using a decent phone. You can use the three plastic buttons present on the left cup’s underside to control music playback. Micro USB is used that can be annoying at times, especially on having upgrades to a USB-C cable phone.

Audio Technica ATH-S200BTGBL /Audio

It boasts of solid sound. However, same standard setting effect is not present, but is tonally competent. Bass it neither emaciated nor overpowering. Treble is also not veiled or overly sharp. Even mids are not much recessed. When compared to expensive headphones, this model are however, dynamically flat. It does somewhat struggle to provide quality music and to promote & separate central channel vocals. Given its price, the features provided in it are quite reasonable.

Audio Technica ATH-S200BTGBL /Battery

Its battery has been designed to play for about 40 hours, which in itself is a fabulous aspect.  There is provided physical power switch. However, the device goes into standby mode if not put into use. This way, you can be rest assured that your batter will not be found dead the next morning.

Audio Technica ATH-S200BTGBL /Other considerations

It measures 25.4 x 10.2 x 22.9 cm and weighs 431 g. Rechargeable battery is included with the device. It comes with 10 days replacement & 1 year warranty.

Audio Technica ATH-S200BTGBL /Downsides

It lacks aux input, which means, you are to remember to recharge them always. There is no USB-C charge port or aptX, ultra-fast charging or noise-cancelling. You also cannot check battery level.

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3) Jbl tune 500bt review | Buy on amazon

JBL Tune 500BT wireless headphones are said to support Google Assistant & Amazon Alexa voice control. The manufacturers claim that this device does deliver powerful and clear bass-forward audio.

Jbl tune 500bt /Layout & Design

Jbl tune 500btIt is available in black, blue, white & pink colors and is quite eye-catchy. Its over-ear (circumaural) design features do boast of having highly comfortable foam created on the ear-pads including the headband’s underside. Fabric is used to cover the headband and external earcup panels are created with matte plastic. Large logos of JBL are engraved on both the ear-cups’ external panels. Controls are designed on the right earcup’s side panel. Pairing/power switch is present with multi-function button to control playback, status LED, call management along with volume adjustable minus/plus buttons and track navigation. Multi-function button can help summon voice assistants, although external panels allow this. There is also present Bluetooth button and Ambient Aware button along control panel edge. Jack is present near the controls for 3.5 mm included headphone cable. It features inline microphone & single button remote. Also is included micro USB cable with generous length.

Jbl tune 500bt /Performance

The drums on the track do sound huge & heavy if not thunderous. It is definitely noteworthy since the drums do not pack much bass punch necessarily. Bass lovers are sure to appreciate the headphone’s sound signature. Using app, it is possible to dial bass a bit backwards.

Jbl tune 500bt /Audio

Jbl tune 500btHeadphones promises to deliver thunderous bass response to intense sub-base contents, even without bass boosted in app’s EQ. Bass is found not to distort at unwise, top listening levels. On the other hand, lows are powerful at moderate levels. Serious sculpting & boosting has been incorporated in highs for balancing perfectly sound signature. Those who love deep bass are sure to be extremely pleased with this model.

Jbl tune 500bt /Battery

Battery in this model is designed to stay charged for approximately 16 hours that is sufficiently good enough to stream music with optimum audio settings. The results however, might vary depending upon EQ settings, volume levels and using of audio features.

Jbl tune 500bt /Other considerations

Jbl tune 500btIt measures about 22.4 x 5 x 20.5 cm and weighs around 154g. It comes with 10 days replacement & 1 year warranty offered by the manufacturer. Siri & Google Assistant can be activated with long press of play button. Multi-point connection designed to allow switching between two Bluetooth devices. It comes with foldable design, is comfortable and lightweight. It requires only 3.7V to function smoothly. Batteries are included with the device.

Jbl tune 500bt /Downsides

The buttons designed on this Bluetooth headphone is very small, making it tough to memorize which button is meant to carry out what function. Also, the inbuilt microphone offers poor intelligibility. You need to deal with garbled audio voices.

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4) Best Wireless Headphones under 3000 Rs – boAt rockerz 600 reviewBuy on amazon

boAt rockerz 600The boAt rockerz 600 Bluetooth headphone is the latest introduction from this brand. It is also considered to be successor to the much popular boAt 400 headphones. With the rockerz 600 model, its sound & build quality has definitely witnessed great upgrades. Build quality is comparatively better than the plastic one of rockerz 400. Being affordably priced, it can be compared with the expensive ones in its category. The materials used are really good and the headphone is very comfortable to use. Wearing one will make you feel like wearing some branded expensive headphone. You can actually feel HD sound quality as this headphone boasts of having super extra bass.

boAt rockerz 600 /Layout & Design

It does have a cool looking design that will make you to own one. PU leather cushions are used to cover the headband that is made from quality metal. Thus it offers that rich leathery appearance. Ear cushions made from artificial leather are soft and easy on the ears. Metal frame is used to cover cups externally and has brushed finish. It is lightweight and easy to carry around.

boAt rockerz 600 /Performance

It does have fabulous Bluetooth range. Signal is not noticed to drop off randomly. The ear cup also functions as control panel. You can easily change tracks, play/pause, adjust volume and answer calls, simply by tapping the ear cup. It is built to complement your lifestyle.

boAt rockerz 600 /Audio

boAt rockerz 600Sound quality definitely excels in this headphone. Highs are balanced perfectly, mids are soothing and lows feel punchy. You can make some equalizer adjustments to enjoy desired sound, be it classic, pop or rock. Volume although not very high, even after turning up will not experience any clarity loss. It does offer sufficient Bass & balance sound-stage to provide that much needed punch. Sound quality is just superb, especially for a budget headphone. There are cycle numbers in seconds within infographic frequency, with best sound quality range frequency being 10 to 25000 Hz. These headphones have 20 – 20000 Hz frequency. If you are a jazz or instrumental music lover, you are sure to love having this headphone.

boAt rockerz 600 /Battery

boAt rockerz 600The 300 mah battery fitted in this device at full ensures that it runs for a long time at medium levels of volume. It does offer 8 hours of non-stop music playback. On average use, it can last around 3 to 4 days, good enough to be taken out to hear good music while traveling. It takes just about 2 hours to charge completely. The device comes with rechargeable Li-Polymer battery.

boAt rockerz 600 /Other considerations

It measures about 21 x 20.8 x 8 cm and weighs approximately 281 g. It is provided with 1 year manufacturer warranty and 10 days replacement.

boAt rockerz 600 /Downsides

Mic quality of this headphone is not that impressive. Voice is likely to break if you drive a bike and talk.  Even its connectivity is not that good as it supports just 10 m of range.

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5) Nu republic starbuds 3Buy on amazon

Nu republic starbuds 3If you are looking for a portable, stylish and well designed wireless headphone, then you can have a second look at NU republic starboy 3 wireless headphones with extra bass. This device presents a new technology allowing you to switch to additional bass mode for greater excitement. This product is affordably priced & has premium looks.

Nu republic starbuds 3 /Layout & Design

Nu republic starbuds 3The headband & ear-cups are made from premium quality rubber coating combined with extra memory foam to be soothing to your ears. You can wear it for a long time and feel comfortable. Its over-ear design allows you to cover your ears completely. This way, you can enjoy talking with others or hearing to your favorite music as it offers superior noise isolation. It is black in color and the logo is engraved on the pads. It offers comfortable fit and also is ergonomic. The headband is adjustable and comes with oversize cushions to provide greater comfort. The swivel folding design enables you to carry it along with your during all your travels.

Nu republic starbuds 3 /Performance

Nu republic starbuds 340 MM high precision dynamic drivers combined with reinforced diaphragms are said to power this headphone. It enables easy low frequency response along with enhanced bass. You are sure to enjoy seamless music without having to bother about external disturbances. Simply press multi-functional buttons present on the earcups to answer calls and to control music. Inbuilt microphone in the headphone allows you to answer calls easily & effortlessly without actually having to view your phone every now and then.

Nu republic starbuds 3 /Audio

Nu republic starbuds 3The X-Bass Technology used to create this headphone makes you feel like a sub-woofer in each & every beat you hear. You can easily switch to extreme high music as desired with its new technology. To improve bass mode within the wireless headphone, it takes single bass slider, which is sure to rattle your bones. The dynamic drivers assure to deliver vibrations against low end frequencies emitting from the audio, with bass mode switched on. With each & every beat, you are sure to feel music and love owning the device. It has awesome noise cancellation.

Nu republic starbuds 3 /Battery

Nu republic starbuds 3With this headphone, you can listen to your favorite music always. The lithium polymer rechargeable battery fitted in this device is assured to run non-stop for 25 hours. In case, there is lack of power, then you can avail some benefits from the 3.5 mm removable auxiliary input.

Nu republic starbuds 3 /Other considerations

It measures about 20.6 x 16.4 x 8 cm and weighs approximately 209g. The additional features provided are in-ear, over-ear & headband. Few included components are quick start guide, USB charging cable and BT headphone.  Comes with 10 days replacement & 1 year warranty!

Nu republic starbuds 3 /Downsides

Switching to X-bass mode will make you to feel vibrations close to your ear, which can be disturbing. Low wireless mode range is another minor inconvenience.

Best wireless headphones under 3000 Rs  /Conclusion

You should not rush with your purchase of Bluetooth headphones. Rather, you need to make a well educated approach, by going through the above reviews and compare the different devices. This way, you will enjoy getting a product that you will be proud to own and use it for a long time.

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